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Ad Hoc Committee Gilford Butler School

The Selectboard is seeking citizen volunteers to be part of an ad hoc committee to "brainstorm" on options and potential uses for the Gilford Butler School.
Current plans call for the school to be turned back to the Town as early as September 2018. In the next few months condition assessments will be conducted by the Selectboard
and we will receive a condition report from RSU13.

We ask that this volunteer group assemble and "brainstorm" on needs, wants and options for the future use of the building. The Selectboard imposes no restrictions on the thought process.
When the work is completed we ask that the group appear at a Selectboard meeting in the early fall and present their options for review and discussion.
This will be the start of a process which will end with the Town voting on the future use of the Butler School.

Interested parties should contact Terri Baines at the Town Office: (207)596-6584 or

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Please contact the Town Office at 596-6584.

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