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Ordinance Effective Date
South Thomaston Land Use Ordinance March 27, 2018
Floodplain Management Ordinance March 27, 2018
Road Naming Ordinance March 21, 1996
Georges River Clam Management Agreement 2002
Fire Department Ordinance March 27, 2007
Subdivision Regulations March 25, 2008
Road Acceptance Ordinance March 25, 2008
Cemetery Ordinance March 29, 2011
Georges River Shellfish Management Ordinance March 29, 2011
Shoreland Zoning Ordinance March 27, 2018
Town Landing Ordinance March 31, 2015
Marijuana Moratorium Ordinance March 28, 2017
Emergency Management Ordinance March 28, 2017
Firework Ordinance March 28, 2017
       Maps and Charts
        South Thomaston Habitats and Marine Resources
        South Thomaston Archaeological Resources
        South Thomaston Coastal Bluff Stability
        South Thomaston Farmland Soils
        South Thomaston Shoreland Zoning Map
        South Thomaston Hydric Soils
        South Thomaston Land Cover
        South Thomaston Topography
        South Thomaston Water Resources
        South Thomaston Moderate & High Value Freshwater Wetlands

Photo by Michelle Ames