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Budget Committee:
Moira Paddock  Gayle Gallant,Donna Withington, 
Alvera Bosica,    Jeff Northgraves, Alan Hall

Planning Board
  Eileen Skarka,  Sonja Sleeper, 
Dianne Darling , Ervin Curtis
Alternates: Vacancy 

Board of Appeals:
Chair- John Hansen,  Rolf Winters, Jeff Northgraves, 
Barbara Noyes,  Richard Rackliff
Alternate: Vacancy

Knox County Budget Committee:
South Thomaston Representative: vacancy

RSU #13 Board of Directors:
South Thomaston:    vacancy
Rockland:Chair-Steven Roberts,  Tess Kilgour,  Nancy Jeffers,   
Carol Bachofner  & Donald Robishaw
Thomaston:Ron Gamage,  Noreen Mullaney
Owls Head: Sally Carleton
Cushing: Loren Andrews

Georges River Shellfish Warden:
Deputy Ian Clark

Georges River Regional Shellfish Management Joint Board of Selectmen:
Member: Cheryl Waterman     Alternate: Pennie Alley

Georges River Regional Shellfish Management Committee:
Carolyn Neagle   Travis Fogg
Public Health Officer:

Solid Waste
Walter Reitz 
Skip Connell

Cemetery Committee
 Elsie Brown, Patricia Dougherty, 
Pennie Alley

Photo by Michelle Ames