South Thomaston Fire Department Current Members

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Date of Hire
Bryan T. CalderwoodFire ChiefSeptember 1992
David ElwellDeputy ChiefOctober 1999
Gerald HarjulaAssistant ChiefMay 2006
Todd ButlerCaptainJune 2006
Arthur HutchinsonCaptainMay 2009
Jeff HarjulaCaptainFebruary 2010
Arthur GriersonLieutenantOctober 1974
Alan KnowltonLieutenantNovember 2007
Travis WilsonLieutenantNovember 2014
Becky ButlerFire FighterMay 2006
Arnold GodinFire FighterApril 2009
Vanessa WintersFire FighterMarch 2014
Dan ManleyFire FighterFebruary 2014
Larry FrenchFire FighterMay 2014
Ed ColsonFire FighterMay 2014
Dylan Knowlton Fire FighterJuly 2014
Ralph DemmonsFire Fighter
David BennerFire Fighter
Emily HutchinsonFire Fighter
Eli MacDougallProbationary